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1st Sep 2014

We here at the GROMGaming are committed to making you an elite member. That being said there is a level of control you have to have over yourself, here or in the game. That being said these are some guidelines for you as you use the forums.

Be Professional

Anything that you wouldn't do around your teacher or boss, don't do here.

Stay on Topic

If you have something to say that has nothing to do with the topic in the tread, don't post it there. Instead Make a new thread about it

Only Link if it is Topic Related

If the topic is Aliens, then no pics of your football games (unless the players are Aliens)

Absolutely NO Racism

If Any moderator or administrator catches anyone breaking this rule, they will be reprimanded.... HARSHLY

Signature Policy-
The Signature Policy is a mostly a rule of thumb, as in I am not going to go around checking everyone's sig size to make sure its perfect. I will only make you use this policy if you had trouble with your sig in the first place.
Size 750x400px
No Nude Photos
No Photos Involving Illegal Drugs
Signatures Have an Open Linking Policy
-Open as Long as the Site is Appropriate

Remember- Some rules can be changed. If you have a question or comment about a rule, then post below.
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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